Acrylic Wine Cellar in Living Room


It's time to play a bit fast and loose with the rules.

I’m sure the following info that we put together from the internet and our wine geek friends will drive the high-end wine collector crazy. So, to set the record straight, if you intend to collect super expensive bottles and store them as forever assets, you will need to dig very deep into your pocket and do things differently.

Suppose you are like us and buying wine to enjoy in a reasonable time frame of (two to four years). You can spend way less money but make your home wine experience something closer to premium.


Most wine experts scoff the idea of having wine out in the open and not in a perfect situation. We chuckle at this.

If you look at the supply chain of getting any wine to your table, you will find hot, cold, shaken to death and slammed around on conveyor belts. From that point, every wine shop you will walk into will have wine sitting on racks in the open ambient temperature of that space. For how long? Possibly for years.

Cool spaces can easily double as a cellar.

With that being said, at TMC, we love the image of wine on display all over the house. Break your collection up and have a few storage locations. Kitchen, living room, hallway, go for it, follow the simple rules below, and it will all work out.

Climate controlled cellars are tremendous but can shoot the costs up.

Climate controlled units, on average, cost around $5,000, and you need to seal off the room, run power, ducting and all sorts of construction. If you have the money and the time, go for it. If not, follow our advice and be done and happy in hours, not months.

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A drawing of an overheated wine bottle

Heat and UV

Both will destroy wine over time. So don’t put your collection in the front window of your home! Any Temps above 70° will slowly cook your wine. Heat and UV will mess with the flavour and aroma, making your Saturday night Netflix and chill session less ideal.

The Goldilocks Zone

Not too hot, not too cool, and with very few temperature fluctuations. Keep the temperature around 45°–65° and keep it stable. Do not store near AC/Heat vents directly around your collection. Put the bottles on the side, so the cork stays wet, and you pretty much have the temperature and humidity concerns licked. 

A drawing of a cold wine bottle

Cool, not Cold

For obvious reasons don’t let your wine freeze. Don’t let it get too cool for long periods while standing upright. This practice enables the cork to dry out faster and allows air to spoil the wine.

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Now you've done it. You're a collector.

Start tracking your preferences and bottles that you own. Be proud and control your collection.

We highly recommend the following three apps to do just that.

Trust us when we say, you will never remember what you have and what you liked when you are adding to your collection and standing in the wine store. Let the tech world do the heavy lifting for you. With a tiny amount of effort, you will look like a superstar in front of your guests and know what you are doing.


Hop on over to our render gallery, where you will find beautiful and unique wine cellars to fit any space in your home. As craftsmen and designers over many years, we have developed a collection of concepts that we want to share with you, in hopes to help you find the look and feel you deserve. 

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