Before we begin, make sure you've had a chance to read up on our 'Wine Storage Philosophy'.

Sometimes, all you need is a bit of guidance on how to keep your wines in perfect condition. Our philosophy is all about storing your wines the right way. Let’s be real, this wine isn’t just for collecting, it’s for drinking. So, the next time you have friends over for dinner, you can toast to your tastebuds and impress them with your wine savvy. Cheers!

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We always find creativity through the lens of structure, and the discovery consultation allows us to filter the design possibilities into something specific.

To kick things off, we recommend spending a bit of time on Pinterest – gathering photos, inspiration, art, whatever lights you up – and invite you to share your board with us! This is immensely helpful at allowing us to get to know you better.

Next, it’s time to get those creative juices flowing! Grab a pencil and paper—we will need photos and measurements of the space you want to transform into a cellar. I know, I know…you’ve probably got questions. Don’t worry. Whatever level of support you need, we’re here for you and ready to help every step of the way.

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After we have gathered the necessary measurements of your space, we will begin to flesh out some of your ideas, pair them with our know-how, and create a big picture approach to what you would like to see for your cellar.

Our skilled drafting team will build out a first concept design and provide you with renders that best suit you and your collection. It’s pretty cool to see your dreams come true, even if it’s only digital at this point.

Collaboration is key. We want to hear from you and are happy to accommodate any changes you may have. This is your cellar after all. Once you’re able to sit back and say “yes, this is me”, we can move forward with final approval and manufacturing.

Image of a Living Room Wine Cellar Render
Picture of a drafter designing a Cellar Concept
Image of a Wine Cellar in Living Room
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This is where dreams become reality. Whether it is wood, metal, acrylic or any other materials we’ve concocted for your design, we pull everything together, from organized packaging and building instructions; all shipped right to your doorstep.
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No two cellars are created equal, and some may require a bit more DIY know-how.

We’ve compiled a rating scale to help as a guide to see if your dream cellar is one you can do yourself. 

All our cellars come with step-by-step instructions on how to build and install your cellar in it’s space.

After your install is complete, it’s time to fill up your cellar with all of your wines! Be sure to invite your friends over for a little #boastandtoast, because wine is best shared amongst friends. Don’t forget to give us a little props too!

Easy 1-4

If you’ve ever built an Ikea desk, you can build out this cellar. With only a few necessary tools, this cellar can be installed with relative ease and should take an hour or less.

Medium 5-7

A little forethought may be necessary to build out this cellar, like precise measurements and extra tools. Suitable for advanced beginners. Allow for at least a day to complete.

Hard 8-10

Moderate to advanced skills are required. This cellar will require more time, research, and specialized tools. You may want to hire an installer. But the pay off is totally worth it! Timing is a little unpredictable, but you can assume at least 5-7 days.

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